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Standard P/T Contract Process: $5,001-$25,000

Access the P/T Contract Checklist for Contracts $5,001 to $25,000 for step-by-step instructions to guide you through the P/T procurement process at this dollar level. 

 Pre-Contract Processes

  • Develop Scope of Work and Deliverables
  • Prepare draft of Quick Call for Proposals (Quick Call)
  • Are you seeking an exemption from the competitive process (i.e. single source, Joint Power Agreements, or emergency)? If yes, the Quick Call process is not applicable
  • For a single source, prepare the Professional/Technical Certification Form and Single Source Request Form for Department of Administration review and approval
  • For Joint Power Agreements, prepare the Professional/Technical Certification Form
  • For emergency authorization, prepare Request for Emergency Purchasing Authorization Form
  • A Quick Call may be solicited in the following ways;
  • Send Quick Call to at least three (3) vendors (with at least 1 TG/ED/VO vendor, if applicable)
  • A query can be run on SWIFT to locate potential vendors under a specific category code
  • Use the query name: M_CG_GBL_VND_REG_BY_UNSPSC
  • A directory of Targeted Group vendors can be found here
  • If three (3) vendors are not able and available for the required services, you may contact the Office of Equity in Procurement to confirm whether there are any TG/ED/VO vendors that can perform the work
  • If no vendor is identified, submit a written request for an exception to be approved by your Agency Contract Coordinator


Alternatively, publicly advertise the Quick Call on the OSP website or SWIFT for a minimum of 7 days

  • Develop evaluation sheets in preparation for scoring proposals. View the Evaluation documents here
  • Receive written proposals from vendors; each should include a cost proposal
  • The selected vendor is not currently debarred or suspended from eligibility to enter into a contract with the State. See Suspended/Debarred Vendor Report

 Contractor Selection

  • Select evaluation team
  • Evaluate proposals using Best Value (see Minn. Stat. § 16C.02, subd. 4)
  • Evaluate cost using objective formula - minimum 30% of score unless the P/T Team approves an exception
  • Complete New Hire Reporting Form for independent contractors (see Minn. Stat. § 256.998)

 Negotiation and Contract Drafting

  • Determine negotiation approach, prepare and conduct negotiations. Contact our general inbox for assistance with contractor negotiations
  • Draft the contract using the Professional/Technical Services Contract template 
  • Obtain evidence of Workers' Compensation coverage (if contractor is a sole proprietor, it may take exception to workers’ compensation requirements) 
  • Send draft contract to Attorney General’s Office for review and comment if negotiations altered the Intellectual Property clause 
  • Send draft contract to contractor for review
  • Send draft to Agency Contract Coordinator for review
  • Encumber funds and fill in SWIFT Contract Number on contract form

 Contract Execution

  • Complete 16A/16C Reporting Form regardless of whether work has started or not:
  • Fill Box I if no work has started
  • Fill Box II if work started before funds were encumbered
  • Fill box III if work started before the contract was fully executed (signed by all parties, including Department of Administration)
  • Prepare Quick Call Cover Sheet 
  • Route contract for signatures in the following order: Encumbrance, Contractor, Agency, Department of Administration
  • Include supporting documents with the contract when routing to the Department of Administration, such as: Quick Call Cover Sheet, copy of Quick Call, 16A/16C Reporting Form, Insurance Adjustment Form, etc.  
  • Review signatures for legality, completeness, and accuracy
  • Distribute executed copies of the contract to: contractor, Agency and Project Manager
  • Send written authorization to contractor that work may begin

Contract Work Completion

If final product of the contract is a written report, send copy of the report to the Legislative Reference Library Contract File. Maintain the following in the contract file:
  • Department of Administration Certification Form
  • Informal Solicitation (OR formal RFP and State Register notice, if used)
  • Copies of any ads placed in other publications
  • Single Source Request, if used
  • Selection documentation (includes all evaluation sheets)
  • Proposals of all responders
  • New Hire Reporting Form for independent contractors
  • Contract negotiation documentation
  • Fully executed contract
  • Approved Request for Emergency Authorization form, if required
  • 16A.15/16C Memo
  • Federal Authorization Document (if federal funds are paid under the contract)
  • Evidence of Workers' Compensation coverage (not for sole proprietorships)
  • Evidence of other required insurance coverage
  • Exception approval documents, if any
  • Resolution or other evidence of approval required for local government units

The template documents needed include:

  1. Quick Call for Proposals
  2. Quick Call Terms and Conditions
  3. Quick Call & Equity Select Contract Cover Sheet
  4. Professional/Technical Services Contract (for execution)
All documents are available on our Secure Portal, log-in is required.
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