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TG/ED/VO List (Directory)

This form is provided to allow easy retrieval of the State's certified Targeted Group (TG), Economically Disadvantaged (ED) and Veteran-Owned (VO) Vendors. Enter the information in one of the fields below and submit the query.

You may download the current database and/or NAICS codes as CSV files (viewable as plain text or in Microsoft Excel) below.
Approved TG/ED/VO Vendor List
NAICS Code Master List

NAICS Codes refers to the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code. More information about NAICS can be found at

For assistance confirming NAICS codes, types of work and eligibility for preference, please contact OEP at or 651.201.2402.

If you have trouble using the DataGrid application, you may download this SCV file and open it up in your preferred spreadsheet application.
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