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Standard P/T Contract Process: Over $25,000

Before an agency seeks approval of a professional/technical services contract in excess of $25,000, it must complete a Professional/Technical Certification form. A notice of an RFP will not be published in the State Register until the Department of Administration's Professional/Technical Services Contract Section (Admin) approves the certification form. A notice for publication and a Request for Proposals (RFP) must be prepared along with the certification form.

 Pre-Contract Processes

  • Develop Scope of Work for RFP
  • Prepare the Professional/Technical Certification form
  • Is this a Single Source request? If yes, prepare Single Source Request form, including justification memo & attach to Certification Form
  • Obtain required internal signatures on Certification Form *(MN.IT also reviews certification forms for IT-related services exceeding $25,000.  Please send the Cert Packet to MN.IT first for review before sending to Admin)
  • Draft RFP using the Professional/Technical Services RFP Template
  • Include the Attachments to the Professional/Technical RFP Template, which includes various forms required to be filled out by responders
  • Develop evaluation criteria, which includes the evaluation of cost – minimum 30% of total score unless P/T Team approves an exception 
  • Draft State Register notice (not required if posting in SWIFT)
  • Send signed Certification Form, draft RFP, and draft State Register notice ("Certification Packet") to your Agency Contract Coordinator for processing and Admin approval. Certification Packet must be approved by Admin before any advertising or negotiation may begin
  • Place advertisement in State Register or upload documents in SWIFT
  • Develop evaluation sheets in preparation for scoring proposals received
  • Receive written proposals from vendors; each should include a cost proposal

 Contractor Selection

  • Select evaluation team and have them fill out an Evaluation Team Member Agreement form
  • Select contractor using Best Value (see Minn. Stat. §16C.02, subd. 4)
  • Evaluate cost using objective formula - minimum 30% of score
  • Complete New Hire Reporting Form for independent contractors (see Minn. Stat. §256.998
  • Confirm the highest scoring responder is not currently debarred or suspended from eligibility to enter into a contract with the State. See the Suspended/Debarred Vendor Report. 
  • Negotiation and Contract Drafting
  • Determine negotiation approach, prepare and conduct negotiations. Contact our general inbox for assistance with contractor negotiations
  • Draft the contract using the Professional/Technical Services Contract template 
  • Obtain evidence of Workers' Compensation coverage (if contractor is a sole proprietor, it may take exception to workers’ compensation requirements; see contract template for more information)
  • Obtain Certificate of Insurance (if required by contract)
  • Send draft contract to Attorney General’s Office for review and comment if negotiations altered the Intellectual Property clause 
  • Send draft contract to contractor for review
  • Send draft to Agency Contract Coordinator for review
  • Encumber funds and fill in SWIFT block on contract form

 Contract Execution

  • Complete 16A/16C Reporting Form regardless of whether work has started or not:
  • Fill Box I if no work has started
  • Fill Box II if work started before funds were encumbered
  • Fill box III if work started before the contract was fully executed (signed by all parties, including Department of Administration)
  • Route contract for signatures in the following order: Encumbrance, Contractor, Agency, Department of Administration
  • Include supporting documents with the contract when routing to Admin, such as: Certification Form, copy of the RFP, 16A/16C Reporting Form, Insurance Adjustment Form, etc.  
  • Review signatures for legality, completeness, and accuracy
  • Distribute executed copies of the contract to: contractor, Agency and Project Manager
  • Send written authorization to contractor that work may begin

Contract Work Completion

Submit to the Department of Administration the report required by Minn. Stat. §16C.08, subd. 4(c) for Contracts over $25,000, within 30 days of work completion. If final product of the contract is a written report, send copy of the report to the Legislative Reference Library 
  • Contract File (Maintain the following in the contract file)
  • Certification Form
  • Request for Proposal 
  • State Register advertisement, if used
  • Copies of any ads placed in other publications
  • Single Source Request, if used
  • Selection documentation (includes all evaluation sheets and comments that support selection)
  • Proposals of all responders to the RFP
  • Work Force Certificate Form for contracts over $100,000
  • Equal Pay Certificate for contracts over $500,000
  • New Hire Reporting Form for independent contractors
  • Certificate of Compliance from the Department of Human Rights (when required)
  • Certificate of Insurance (if required by the contract)
  • Approved Request for Emergency Authorization to begin work prior to contract execution (if obtained)
  • 16A.15/16C Memo (if applicable)
  • Contract negotiation documentation
  • Fully executed contract
  • Exception approval documents, if any
  • Evidence of Workers' Compensation coverage (not for sole proprietorships)
  • Federal Authorization Document (if federal money)
  • Resolution or other evidence of approval required for local government units

The template documents needed include:

  • Professional/Technical Certification Form
  • Professional/Technical Services RFP 
  • Attachments to Professional/Technical RFP 
  • SAMPLE Professional/Technical Services Contract 
  • State Register Notice Form
  • Professional/Technical Services Contract (for execution)
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