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Fire Protection System Impairment

Agency Requirements

Risk Management Division requires these procedures to be taken when fire detection/protection equipment and systems are inoperable.

Written Impairment Policy

The primary goal of any impairment management program should be fire prevention. Reaching this goal starts by developing a written impairment policy. If you don't have written policy in place or just need to update what you have, please use our sample Impairment Policy as a guide to improve your safety program.

Impairment Permits

All fire protection systems, including water supplies, fire pumps, fire suppression systems, clean agent systems, and alarm or detection equipment need to be in-service and ready to function at all times. Shutting down any system or otherwise taking them out of service is an "impairment". Whether it is a planned impairment (i.e. testing and maintenance) or an emergency impairment (i.e. broken or damaged equipment) your facility will be losing some level of protection. To manage the increased risk, an Impairment Permit must be completed when fire detection/protection equipment is inoperable.

To request a supply of Impairment Permits, please email

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