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Preparing Annual Plan Agreements

Using the standard Annual Plan Agreement (contract), the process of "ordering" the needed services is also quick and legal. The commissioner of Administration and Attorney General's Office have determined, in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 16C.05, subd. 2(b), that as long as the agency is using the standard Annual Plan Agreement form to "order" services under an approved annual plan, the commissioner of Administration does not need to sign the form. The template documents needed for an Annual Plan Agreement include the annual Plan Agreement.

Pre-Contract Processes

  • Develop Scope of Work and Deliverables

Contractor Selection

  • The selected contractor should not be currently debarred or suspended from eligibility to enter into a contract with the State. See the Suspended/Debarred Vendor Report.
  • Send Scope of Work and Deliverables to selected contractor(s) for written proposal
  • Receive written proposal, must include cost estimate
  • Select contractor using Best Value (see Minn. Stat. § 16C.02, subd. 4)
  • Complete New Hire Reporting Form for Independent Contractors

Negotiation and Contract Drafting

  • Determine negotiation approach, prepare, and conduct negotiations. Contact our general inbox for assistance with vendor negotiations.
  • Draft contract using the Annual Plan Agreement template
  • Send draft contract to contractor for review
  • Send draft contract to Agency Contract Coordinator for review
  • Encumber funds and fill in SWIFT block on the contract form

Contract Execution

  • Route contract for signatures in the following order: Encumbrance, Contract, and Agency
  • Review signatures for legality, completeness, and accuracy
  • Distribute executed copies to: Contractor, Agency, and Project Manager
  • Send written authorization to the contractor that work may begin
Annual Plan Agreements do not require Admin’s signature. Do not route to Admin for review or approval.
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