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Safety Committee Charter

The Department of Administration is committed to providing a safe work environment. To prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, a joint management-labor safety committee will be established. Employee involvement in accident prevention and support of safety committee members and activities is necessary to ensure a safe and healthful workplace.


The purpose of our safety committee is to involve labor and management in a nonadversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace. The safety committee will assist management and make recommendations for change. Our goal is an injury free workplace.

Organization and Membership

Employee representatives shall be volunteers or elected by their peers or appointed by their bargaining unit. Employer representatives will be appointed. Safety committee members will serve terms of at least one year. Committee membership terms will be staggered, so experienced members are always serving on the committee.

Extent of authority

The safety committee advises management about safety and health issues in the workplace. All written recommendations from the safety committee will be submitted to the appropriate department manager. Management will consider the recommendations and respond in writing to the safety committee within a reasonable time. Recommendations shall be concise, clear, and provide reasons for implementation.

Committee Actions and Member Responsibilities

  • Review and evaluate accident reports and near misses. Elements to be evaluated:
    • Timeliness – reported by employee and paperwork submitted
    • Use of proper forms
    • Accuracy and completeness of information
    • Are there appropriate recommendations for prevention or corrective actions
  • Make recommendations for improvement of the accident investigation process
  • Participate in the monthly building inspections, so all facilities inspected annually
  • Report unsafe conditions and practices
  • Attend all safety meetings; if unavailable notify the chair person
  • Review building security issues
  • Review and recommend safety policies
  • Identify trends
  • Recommend ideas for improving safety and health
  • Work in a safe and healthful manner
  • Complete assignments given to them by the chair
  • Act as a work-area representative in matters pertaining to health and observing how safety and health is enforced in the workplace;
  • Create and promote open communication in an atmosphere of honesty, trust, and respect
  • Monitor the progress of recommendations, corrective actions
  • Recognize and support the contributions of each person

Chairperson/Co-Chair Responsibilities

There may be co-chairs for the Safety Committee; one will be the designated Safety Administrator, the other elected by the committee. The following are the duties of the chair(s):

  • Set the meeting date, time (normal day shift) and location
  • Set the agenda
  • Facilitate the meeting
  • Assign a record-keeper
  • Post minutes on HR website
  • Notify members, supervisors, managers, directors when minutes posted


Safety committee meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Exceptions: If a state holiday occurs on the first Thursday of a particular month, the committee will vote to decide whether to reschedule the meeting or cancel it for that particular month. If one or more committee members believe a particular month’s meeting should be canceled or rescheduled for some legitimate reason (for example, possible absence of most members because of the meeting being near a holiday), the committee will vote to decide whether to have that month’s meeting as scheduled, reschedule it, or cancel it for that particular month.


The safety committee shall be a constructive entity, providing guidance and leadership in matters pertaining to the overall health and safety of the agency.

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