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Historic Tax Credit FAQs and Tips

Updated: 05/30/2023


This page was lasted updated 05/30/2023, before the Minnesota Historic Tax Credit was reinstated, and contains some out of date information. We are currently reviewing the information on this page and will update it soon. Thank you!

The Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office currently requires that all Historic Tax Credit Applications, masonry sample, and/or other mock-up submissions are submitted electronically. Please see the submission instructions for detailed information.

Suggested dates and recommendations are provided by the SHPO as a general guide to applicants. Staff are available to answer questions that pertain to a particular project or circumstances and applicants may submit questions using the link below. 

Submit your Tax Credit Sunset questions to the SHPO Tax Credit Team.


Additional information


To Submit a Project:

Part 1 & National Register Questions: 

Ginny Way
National Register Architectural Historian
(651) 201-3293

Part 2/Part A and Part 3/Part B Questions: 

Catherine Sandlund
Design Reviewer
(651) 201-3295

Natascha Wiener
Historical Architect
(651) 201-3294

Communication & Website Questions: 

Jon Discher
Communications and Grants Manager
(651) 201-3284

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