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Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Policy 18-01         Internal Review Policy

Policy 19-01         Electronic Signature Policy

Policy 21-01         Encumbrance and Contract Execution Policy

Policy 21-02         Procurement Code of Ethics Policy

Policy 1       Statewide Policy on Expenditures by State Employees and Authorized Users (Admin 08.2)

  • Policy 1a    Fleet Card Use Policy 1a (Admin 08.02)
  • Policy 1b    Purchasing Card Use Policy 1b (Admin 08.02)  
  • Policy 1c    Emergency Card Use Policy 1c (Admin 08.02)

Policy 2       Field Purchase Order (FPO) Policy & Limits

Policy 3       Superseded by Policy 10

Policy 4       See Policy 21-02 - Procurement Code of Ethics Policy

Policy 5       New Purchasing Requirements for Nonvisual Access to Technology

Policy 6       Purchasing Policy on Special Delegation to ALP Authority

Policy 7       Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Related Federal Mandates

Policy 8       State of Minnesota Property Management Policy and User Guide (also see Appendix I)

Policy 9       Organizational Conflicts of Interest Policy (Admin 01-13)

Policy 10     Status of Information in Bids and Proposals Submitted to the State of MN

Policy 11     Deleted December 20, 2002 (Replaced by Policy 16)

Policy 12     Purchasing Policy for the State of Minnesota Food Contract Release F-369(5) and Other State Contracts for Food Products

Policy 13a   MMB policy 0807-04 Cellular Telephones, Air Time and Service-Purchase and Payment

Policy 13b   Statewide Policy: Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Technology/Mobile Devices Use Addendum (Revised January 3, 2012)

Policy 14     Instructions for Reporting Purchasing Violations, Vendor Protests, and Mis-awards

Policy 15     Instructions for Sales Tax Paid Directly to Vendor as an Exception to Direct Pay

Policy 16     Instructions for Procuring Paper Products and Printing Services

Policy 17     Requirements for Signing Documents and Cancelling Contracts

Policy 18     Escalation and Appeal of Procurement matters by State Agencies (Admin 03.15)

Policy 19     Single Source Procurement Policy (Admin 03.16)

Policy 20     Foreign Outsourcing Policy (Admin 04-06)

Policy 21     Property Management Reporting & Accountability (Admin 03-19)

Policy 22     Office Supply Purchasing Policy (Rescinded December 15, 2009)

Policy 23     Acquisitions ALP Policy, Procedure, and Training Overview

Policy 24     MNIT Services Authority for IT Purchases and Contracts

Policy 25     Amending Contracts

Policy 26     Procurement of Call Center Services

Policy 27a   Gift Cards for Employees

Policy 27b   Reward Card Incentive Programs (for Non-State Personnel Only)

Policy 28     Employee Purchase of Computer Equipment and Related Products (no longer have statutory authority)

Policy 29     Purchasing from DEED Certified and DHS Licensed Providers (new title: Policy Rev 1/20/15)

Policy 30     State Fleet Program Card (see Purchasing Policy 1a)

Policy 31     Prevailing Wage Payroll Requirements 

Policy 33     Procuring Conferences, Meetings and Events, and Related Goods and Services

Policy 34     Bituminous Materials, Aggregates, Ready Mix, and Sand Policy for Mn/DOT

Policy 35     Revised Instructions for Applying Preferences (also see Appendix J)

Policy 36     Purchasing Travel, Travel Services, Hotel Lodging and Rental Cars

Policy 37     Enterprise Security Information Sanitization and Destruction Standard

Policy 38     Receipt and/or Accrual and Use of Promotional Items and/or Benefits Earned When Purchasing Goods and Services with State Funds

Policy 39     Encumbering Construction Supplemental Agreements 
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