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Buildings, Parking and Transit Options

Admin Facilities Management manages and maintains 23 state-owned buildings, 32 parking facilities and 40 acres of green space located on the State Capitol Complex and throughout the State of Minnesota.

Admin Facilities Management strives to provide:

  • Convenient and affordable parking
  • Energy efficiency leadership for the state, through energy efficiency improvements and retrofit projects in state-owned buildings
  • Quality cafeteria service
  • Safe, clean and comfortable work areas
  • Timely information about maintenance and construction projects specific to the workplace
Use the links below to navigate our services, or email us for additional assistance.

Building Management

Admin Facilities Management is committed to providing clean, well-functioning buildings for state business. Building services are provided regularly and on demand, including cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more.

Parking and Transit Options

Admin Facilities Management provides parking and transit options for state employees and visitors to the State Capitol Complex.  This includes contract and metered parking, transit passes, bicycle and carpool programs.


Apply for event permits, see available venues, and find more information about events and rallies happening at the State Capitol Complex.


View maps of the State Capitol Complex including buildings, parking facilities and grounds.

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