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Biennial Budgets

Each odd-numbered year the Governor proposes and the Legislature ratifies the Biennial Budget for the State of Minnesota. This budget is for a two-year period. In even-numbered years the Governor generally proposes Supplemental Budget revisions to the Biennial Budget which are then acted upon by the Legislature.

Agencies prepare their expenditure and revenue budget proposals, narrative information and change items (budget initiatives) as part of the Biennial Budget development process. Narratives are written to provide basic information about the purpose of an agency (or activity within an agency), services provided and the results of its operations. A change item represents a proposed change in operations that may result in an increase or decrease in funding.

Admin's Financial Management and Reporting team provides instructions and guidance on the biennial budget development process to Admin divisions and small agency customers, including small agencies, boards, councils and commissions.

The Biennial Budget is created based on instructions provided by Minnesota Management and Budget. In addition, Department of Administration policy FMR-2B-01 outlines biennial budget preparation.

Capital Budgets

The capital budget is primarily funded through the issuance of state general obligation bonds and is a strategic plan for the state's capital investment decisions. Items funded often include land acquisition, repair, renovation and construction of state facilities. Historically, capital budget bills have been the focus of even-numbered years of each biennium.

To discuss potential capital budget proposals, contact Admin's Assistant Commissioner for Facilities Services at 651-201-2561. Reference the Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) website for more information about capital budgets.

Past Capitol Budget Requests

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