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FY 2016-17 Biennial Budget Development

FY 2016-17 Budget Instructions
The process of developing a comprehensive state budget involves the participation of numerous parties and stakeholders over several months. The budget process begins in even-numbered years, with MMB issuing Biennial Budget Instructions to state agencies in early summer.

The instructions provide guidance to state agencies for developing basic budget information including descriptions of agency programs and activities; developing historical current and base budget fiscal data in the budget system; and for submitting requests for funding. Each state agency must prepare and submits a budget, which includes a Base Budget Plan, representing planned spending at current appropriation levels. The budget submission may also contain Change Requests. Change requests are discrete decision items for proposed increases, new one-time expenditures - or significant internal re-allocations or budget reductions. By law, all agencies’ budgets must be submitted to MMB by October 15th.

Once the budgets are submitted, MMB reviews the submitted budget requests with the Governor and formulates preliminary recommendations during November – December. Budget review includes a detailed analysis of agency programs, operational performance, changes in population and cost trends, as well as other factors related to the efficient, effective use of public resources. The Budget Director provides analyses and recommendations to the Governor. 

The final budget plans, as adjusted and approved by the Governor, will then be presented to the Legislature in January.

Instructions to Agencies:
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Budget Narrative Instructions (June 2014)

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Narrative Templates:

Base Budget Instructions:
Governor's Budget Request Instructions:

Internal Service Fund Statement, Federal Funds, Grant Summaries, and Departmental Earnings Instructions: