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Energy Assistance Program

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The Energy Assistance Program pays towards heat, electricity, and past due water costs. Energy Assistance is free for all eligible households. 

Applications for program year 2022-2023 are available.

Find An Energy Assistance Partner

Request an application by mail

Print an application and submit it to your Energy Assistance Partner


Next Steps

Applications must be submitted through your local Energy Assistance Partner.

STEP 1. Find your Energy Assistance Partner (for help call 1-800-657-3710)

STEP 2. Download an application (PDF)
Contact your local Energy Assistance partner and request an application
Request an application by mail using the form below

STEP 3. Return your completed application to your local Energy Assistance partner.

STEP 4. Your Energy Assistance partner will take care of the rest.

Ten benefits of the Energy Assistance Program

  1. It’s free!
  2. The average grant is over $500
  3. Local Energy Assistance Partners can help with your application!
  4. Grants are based on household size, income, and utility costs
  5. Up to $2,000 per household – for heat and electric bills
  6. May also pay off your entire past due water/wastewater bill!
  7. It works if you use electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil or biofuel. 
  8. Grants are paid directly to your account at your energy company – we do it for you!
  9. The program is open to people who rent OR own their homes
  10. We can also arrange emergency fuel delivery, and repair or replace homeowners’ broken heating systems.

Request an application by mail

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