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Solar for Schools

The Department has partnered with Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) to provide free general guidance and technical assistance to Applicants at any stage of the solar development process. CERTs connects individuals and their communities to the resources they need to identify and implement community-based clean energy projects. CERTs empowers communities and their members to adopt energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technologies and practices for their homes, businesses, and local institutions.  

Schools are encouraged to reach out to CERTs for unbiased technical and general assistance in preparation to meet the Readiness Assessment or Full Grant Application requirements. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the free services that CERTs can provide to schools: 

  • Solar 101 Training for Schools
  • Solar Site Assessments
  • Solar Procurement Best Practices
  • Solar Curriculum Development 
  • Tips to Selecting a Solar Developer
  • Financing a System and Ownership Options
  • Student Empowerment Resources
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