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Feature image for Winter 2024, Energy Assistance Program Communication Toolkit

Winter 2024, Energy Assistance Program Communication Toolkit


This toolkit is meant to help community organizations raise awareness about Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program, especially among low-income households most likely to be eligible, hard-to-reach communities, and targeted communities: people with disabilities, seniors (60 and older), and families with young children (5 and younger). 

It includes:   

  • Links to recent news releases 
  • Sample text and images for social media posts 
  • A sample article for publishing in organizational newsletters

Some materials include links to this page on the Department of Commerce website: We encourage you to link to that page from other digital materials produced by your organization. 

The length of the URL may make it difficult to use in printed materials. In those instances, please direct potential applicants to, which is a “redirect” address that points to the same page.  




Your organization has three options for raising awareness via social media: 

  • Share posts about the Energy Assistance Program from Commerce’s Facebook page (handle: @MNCommerce) or Twitter page (handle: @MNCommerce)
  • Copy and paste the sample posts shown, using IMAGES as noted. Link to Toolkit
  • Edit our sample posts as you see fit for your own audiences. Please use the hashtag #MNEnergyAssistance, which helps Commerce track and amplify posts.
examples of social media posts
breaking news - Minnesotans can now apply for the Energy Assistance Program ONLINE! Check out the new application form online at Check out the new application form online at
EAP Toolkit Screenshot
has made applying for the Energy Assistance Program easier with our new online application process. Watch our video on how to get started:
EAP Toolkit Image 2
Energy Assistance Program application form is now available online. Follow the prompts and upload the necessary documents straight from your phone! Watch our how-to: Apply online at
EAP Toolkit Image 3


One-page flyer promoting Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program and including a QR code that users can scan with their phones to access more information.


Does someone you know qualify for Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program? 

Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program helps homeowners and renters pay their electric, heating and water bills. 

  • Grants of up to $1,400, based by on household size, income, and energy costs. 
  • The average grant is about $500.  
  • In addition to the initial grant, Crisis funds are available: 
    • Up to $600 more to help prevent energy shutoffs, get energy reconnected, or get emergency fuel deliveries. 
    • Funds to help homeowners get their broken furnace repaired or replaced. 
  • Households may also get help paying their past due water bill 
  • EAP Income guidelines: 
Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $32,667
2 $42,719
3 $52,770
4 $62,822
5 $72,874
6 $82,925

How to apply for the Energy Assistance Program: 

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