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Pre-Weatherization, Weatherization, and Workforce Training

Pre‐weatherization, weatherization, and workforce training

Current information: 09/18/2023 The Minnesota Pre-Weatherization Program and the Weatherization Training Grant Program have not yet launched. The Minnesota Department of Commerce will update this page as new information becomes available. We do not have an estimate for a program launch date.

Check back here for updates. Click to subscribe and stay current on energy grants, rebates and incentives. Additional information about this program can be found in Minnesota Laws Chapter 60, Article 12, Sections 28-33.

In the 2023 session, the Legislature allocated over $38 million for weatherization and pre-weatherization work to serve more Minnesota households. These funds will expand services and address deferred homes that would otherwise be denied under the current federal limitations.

Minnesota Pre-Weatherization Program

This program will provide grants for pre-weatherization services. Pre-weatherization services are defined in Minn. Stat. § 216B.2402, subd. 20 as improvements made to a home that are necessary to allow the installation of energy conservation improvements. This program will work in connection with the Department’s Weatherization Assistance Program and address physical deficiencies in homes that increase heat loss, including deficiencies that would otherwise prevent the residence from being eligible to receive federal weatherization assistance

Grants will be awarded in a manner that will produce the maximum number of weatherized residences and expand the breadth and depth of services provided to income-eligible households in Minnesota.

Weatherization Training Grant Program

A Weatherization Training Grant Program will be created to train workers for careers in the weatherization industry. Grants will be awarded through a competitive grant process.

Eligible grantees:

  1. Nonprofit organizations exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code;
  2. Labor organizations, as defined in Minnesota Statutes § 179.01, subdivision 6; or 
  3. Job training center or educational institution that the commissioner of commerce determines can train workers for weatherization careers.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a nationwide, federally funded program of the U.S. Department of Energy. Each state administers its weatherization program to meet the unique needs of its low-income residents. Visit Minnesota’s Weatherization Assistance webpage for more information.

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