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Solar for Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive Questions and Answers - Solar for Schools Grant Application 

Are schools in Xcel service territory eligible to apply?
Yes, Schools located within Xcel service territory are now eligible to apply.

What is the maximum size of a system that can be installed?
The maximum size of a project has been increased to up to 1 Mw.

What schools are eligible for the grant?
A list of schools that are eligible has been upload to the SFS website on the About the Grant Tab. Tribal Contract and Cooperative Districts are now eligible to apply.

How do I determine the maximum grant my school is eligible for?
Using both the system size and the schools ANTC/APU, you will be able to find the maximum grant for your project.

What is the timeline for the installation of the project?
The timeline is 18 months after the school has entered a contract with the state.

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