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Self-Service Storage Facility Sales of Insurance

An owner of a self-service storage facility, or the owner's employees and agents, may offer or sell certain kinds of insurance (see below) in connection with and incidental to the rental of space at a self-service storage facility. An owner and the owner's employees and agents are exempt from licensure as an insurance producer with respect to the sale of this insurance.


"Owner" is the owner or the owner's managing agent of a self-service storage facility.

"Self-service storage facility" is any real property that is used for renting or leasing storage space in which the occupants themselves customarily store and remove personal property on a self-service basis.

"Occupant" is a person or the person's sublessee, successor, or assignee who is entitled to the use of a leased space or spaces at a self-service storage facility, to the exclusion of others.

"Personal property" is movable property that is not affixed to land and includes: 

  • goods, wares, merchandise, household items, and furnishings; 
  • vehicles, motor vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers; and 
  • watercraft and motorized watercraft. 
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