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Air Ventilation Pilot Grants

Air Ventilation Pilot Grants

Current information (9/18/2023): The Air Ventilation Pilot Grant Program has not launched. The Minnesota Department of Commerce is providing this information to you now and will update it as new information becomes available. 

State statute requires the adoption of guidelines for the air ventilation program no later than October 1, 2023, and that the program begin accepting grant applications by March 31, 2024. 

Check back here for updates and you can also stay current by signing up for our energy funding newsletter. Additional information about this program can be found in Minnesota Laws Chapter 60, Article 12, Section 8  

Here are important things Minnesotans will need to know about the Air Ventilation Pilot Grant Program: 

  • Schools operating within the state of Minnesota are encouraged to apply.
  • Grants that give direct support to schools and school children in communities with high rates of poverty, as determined by receipt of federal Title I funding, will be prioritized.
  • Grants may be used to reimburse a qualified entity for up to 50 percent of its costs for work described below but may not to exceed $50,000 per school.
  • Grants will be awarded under the Program for the following activities:
    • Completing a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) assessment report;
    • HVAC testing, adjusting, and balancing work;
    • Ventilation equipment upgrades, replacements, or other measures recommended by a HVAC assessment report;
    • Work on an HVAC system to improve health, safety, energy, or system efficiency, or to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the system; and
    • Other HVAC projects that have not already been approved under Minnesota Statutes § 123B.595.

The State of Minnesota has $900,000 available to provide grants under this program. 

Please note that while these funds are limited, an eligible entity may also utilize funds awarded from federal programs in addition to the grant available under this Program for a particular project.

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