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The 2023 Minnesota Legislature amended Minnesota Statutes 239.791, Subd. 8. Disclosure; reporting to read:

(c) On or before the 23rd day of each month, a person responsible for the product must report to the department, in the form prescribed by the commissioner, the gross number of gallons of intermediate blends sold at retail by the person during the preceding calendar month. The report must identify the number of gallons by blend type. For purposes of this subdivision, “intermediate blends” means blends of gasoline and biofuel in which the biofuel content, exclusive of denaturants and other permitted components, is greater than ten percent and no more than 50 percent by volume. This paragraph only applies to a person who is responsible for selling intermediate blends at retail at more than ten locations. A person responsible for the product at fewer than ten locations is not precluded from reporting the gross number of intermediate blends if a report is available.
(d) All reports provided pursuant to paragraph (c) are nonpublic data, as defined in section 13.02, subdivision 9.

This statute was effective July 1, 2023. This is the form, prescribed by the commissioner, for you to provide the data to Commerce. 


The ethanol fuel blend E85 (85 percent ethanol) is a low-emission fuel that can be produced domestically, benefiting our state's economy. Find vehicle and station listings along with other information about E85.

E85 Fuel Use Data

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