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Accident Reporting

If a crash occurs with your state vehicle leased through Admin, you should take the following steps to report the crash:

  1. Call the police and obtain emergency medical care for any injuries.
  2. Document information about persons involved:
    • Names, phone numbers and addresses of all individuals involved in the crash.
    • Any witness contact information.
    • Driver’s license number of all drivers.
  3. Document information about vehicles involved:
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN numbers).
    • License plate numbers.
    • Make and model.
    • Take photos with phone if possible.
  4. Do not admit fault or make any statements except to the police or a representative of the Risk Management Division.
  5. In case of serious personal injury or death to anyone, immediately call Risk Management Division at (651) 201-2594.
  6. You must submit a crash report within 24 hours on required forms.
  7. If there is damage to a state vehicle:
    • If the vehicle has been damaged and is unsafe to drive and towing is not coordinated by law enforcement, go to ARI Holman to have the vehicle towed to a repair shop. Include information about the vehicle’s location on the crash report form.
    • Work with your fleet coordinator or finance division to determine process for repairing vehicle damage.

For more information on crash reporting please see Risk Management’s website:

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