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Recycling Upgrades

Admin is rolling out a series of upgrades to the State Capitol Complex recycling program in 2016. These upgrades will help the Capitol Complex increase its recycling rates and work toward becoming a zero-waste workplace.

What is changing?


Three major changes will occur as part of the recycling upgrade.

  1. We are introducing organics recycling—also known as commercial composting. 
  2. We're installing new collection stations, located in optimal locations and supported with easy-to-understand signage and instructions.
  3. We're phasing out desk-side trash collection. Employees will receive desk-side recycling containers and small trash bins they will be responsible for emptying at collection stations.

Admin partnered with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Waste Wise Foundation to design a proven and evidence-based recycling program; the upgrades above were inspired by other organizations’ best practices and a thorough, hands-on audit of the Capitol Complex’s garbage and waste.

Why are things changing?

In 2014, the legislature updated state government’s recycling goals, requiring all state agencies in the Twin Cities metro area to achieve a recycling rate of 75 percent or higher by the year 2030. The recycling rate for the State Capitol Complex in 2014 was about 70 percent. Admin is improving our programs and practices to achieve and surpass this recycling goal and position the Capitol Complex to become a zero-waste workplace. 

Beyond that, every step we take to increase our recycling rate has clear economic, environmental, and operational benefits for state government and the state at large. Read our one-pager on recycling (PDF) for more information on the importance of recycling.

When will the upgrades occur?

The upgrades will roll out in two phases, one building at a time, beginning in late June. The Administration, Transportation, and Andersen buildings will be the first three buildings to receive the upgrades. There will be two short observation periods during this first phase to monitor how the upgrades are working and make any necessary adjustments. The rollout will resume following the observation period. See the "Rollout Schedule" tab below for the full schedule.

Short training and Q&A sessions will be held at each building on launch day, to help employees understand the recycling upgrades. Training materials will also be available in an online format. Reference the "Training Information" tab below for more details, including live training schedules and online training links, as they become available. 

More Information and Contact

More information and resources are available in the tabs below. 

If you have questions or need assistance, email us at or call our Facilities Management Division (PMD) service line at 651-201-2300.

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