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Office of Enterprise Sustainability

The State of Minnesota, as an enterprise, defines sustainability as meeting the economic, social and environmental needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. State government agencies should embrace a culture of sustainability in order to: 

  • maintain our economic viability
  • be socially responsible, and
  • preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Primary Responsibilities for OES:

  1. Assist Cabinet Level Agencies to develop Plans to meet Statutory Requirements or Executive Orders in the area of sustainability
  2. Share best practices from both inside and outside of government
  3. Assist agencies with finding the subject matter experts to ensure sustainability plans contain all elements required for success 
  4. Assist agencies in finding resources required to execute sustainability plans
  5. Track the results at the agency/state level to provide transparency concerning agency/state progress toward established goals
  6. Make the entire state sustainability program easier for state agencies so they can be successful

There are six focus areas. Our goals are:

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 30% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 relative to a 2005 calculated baseline.
  2. Energy Consumption: 30% reduction in consumption of energy per square foot by 2027 relative to a 2017 adjusted baseline.
  3. Sustainable Procurement: 25% of total spend on Priority Contracts are sustainable purchases by 2025.
  4. Reduce Fleet Fossil Fuel Consumption: 30% reduction of State Fleet consumption of fossil fuels by 2027 relative to a 2017 adjusted baseline.
  5. Reduce Solid Waste: 75% combined recycling and composting rate of Solid Waste by 2030.
  6. Reduce Water Consumption: 15% reduction of water use by 2025 relative to a 2017 adjusted baseline. 

Sustainability Reporting Tool

View state government's progress toward our sustainability goals.


OES official publications: Annual reports and action plans.

Meet the Team

Meet the OES team and view contact details.


Check out our blog! We'll be updating our blog with our recent activities and musings.

News you can use

Here's some sustainability news that we've found interesting.

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