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Workers' Compensation Placement Services

The Workers' Compensation Placement Coordinator administers a statewide workers' compensation job development and job placement return-to-work program for injured state employees. Once an employee is identified as in need of job placement, the Placement Coordinator is responsible for functions that include:

  • Administering the priority referral placement procedure for qualified injured employees
  • Identifying, developing and monitoring placement opportunities within and between agencies, including the determination of eligibility for other positions within the state system
  • Developing mobility assignments: A mobility assignment is a limited assignment for an injured employee to learn alternative duties in another state agency (mobility assignments give injured state employees the opportunity to develop new skills and broaden their career perspectives)
  • Monitoring placement activities of injured employees who are receiving assistance from a vendor placement specialist
  • Working with state agencies and other rehabilitation professionals in identifying work reassignments within the agency that meet the employee's current physical restrictions
  • Providing consultation, education and training to state agency workers' compensation coordinators, supervisors and managers regarding all aspects of the State's return to work process
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