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Reporting Injuries with iRISK

State agencies and other covered entities under the Workers' Compensation Program should use the iRISK system for reporting workplace injuries and other incidents, while continuing all other existing processes for gathering and investigating workplace incidents. The iRISK system can be accessed at Below are instructions on how to report using iRISK.

Note: The sample training documents and video demonstrations below were created using a test account. Please do not attempt to copy and paste the URL from the screens in these documents as it will not work. You need to access the Incident Reporting process through Self Service, and you need to access iRISK through the live production URL. Users are sent the iRISK URL along with login ID and password the first time they access iRISK to complete the incident reporting process. For quick access, we encourage you to create a shortcut to iRISK on your desktop or within your browser.

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