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Leasing Services

Admin is the State's agent for lease transactions. We provide comprehensive services to state agencies seeking to lease State-owned and non-state owned real property. Our leasing team can:

  • Consult with State agencies to determine space requirements and needs
  • Identify State-owned or non-state-owned real property that efficiently and functionally meets state agencies' space needs
  • Provide market comparisons and economic analyses
  • Recommend sites which best meet an agency's needs economically
  • Coordinate space planning
  • Negotiate lease terms and conditions to the benefit of the agency and the State
  • Draft, process, and execute leases
  • Monitor construction and remodeling projects in non-state owned space
  • Provide management and administration of leases to assure compliance with lease terms and conditions
  • Resolve lease issues

Our leasing team also: 
  • Maintains a lease database so there is a centralized inventory of lease data to guide decision making and provide information to customers, stakeholders, and the public
  • Temporarily leases surplus state-owned space to non-state tenants, as needed.

To learn more, reference our Leasing Guide. For more information about Leasing Services contact Susan Estes at 651-201-2541 or via email.
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