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Safety Policies and Programs

From AWAIR to Standard Operating Procedures, a variety of safety policies and programs used at the Department of Administration.

Checklists and Forms

Building Safety, Custodial Inspection, Pre-Job Safety, Safety Concern/"Near Miss", etc.

Confined Space

Confined Space Hazard Assessment form

AWAIR Program

The Department of Administration's accident and injury prevention program policy and components.

Admin Lockout/Tagout

The Department of Administration's policy for safely performing service or maintenance on machinery or equipment, and procedures to follow to assure the machinery or equipment has been rendered safe to work on.

Employee Right to Know

The Department of Administration's policy to ensure those affected workers are adequately informed of hazards in the workplace, and are better able to control and protect themselves against those hazards.

Respiratory Protection Program

The Department of Administration's program applies to all employees who are required to wear respirators during normal work operations, and during some non-routine operations such as mold remediation.

Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs for: Paintbooth, Hotworks, Blood Spill/Body Fluid clean up, etc.

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