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Required Training

These trainings are required of all employees:

Code of Conduct

The objectives of the Code of Conduct policies are to: improve accountability, align with internal control processes, ensure the accuracy and reliability of the state's comprehensive annual financial report, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of other state and federal reports. You are required to register for and take the online training which is available through the “Learning” link in Employee Self Service.  Please follow the directions below to enroll.

* Complete within one week of hire. Please be sure to sign and turn in the Code of Conduct form to

Please be advised, as required by Statewide Operating Policy 0103-01 Code of Conduct, each designated employee must certify annually to affirm their responsibilities under the Code of Conduct and their commitment to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Enrolling through "Learning" in Self Service

You must use Internet Explorer

The steps to register are easy:

  1. Using INTERNET EXPLORER, log in to State of MN Self-Service )
  2. Click on Learning
  3. Click on Search Catalog
  4. In “Search Criteria” in “Catalog Item Name” type in part of the class name and then press Enter.  
  5. In the list, find the class you wish to take and check for the correct date (if necessary.)  Click on the class name.
  6. Click on Enroll
  7. Click on Enroll again
  8. Click on Submit Enrollment
  9. If it’s an eLearning class, then click on Launch

Sexual Harassment Prohibited Policy #1329

As an employee of the State of Minnesota, you are required to read the Sexual Harassment Prohibited policy. Page 5 is to be signed, dated and returned to HR. Also refer to Respectful Workplace Policy #1432 and Discriminatory Harassment Administrative Procedure 1.2 for more State-wide policies. For more information regarding this policy, direct your web browser to the MMB HR/LR Policies, Procedures and General Memos page and click on Harassment.

* Note that completion is required within one month of employment. Please send your completed form to

Workplace Violence Prevention

This training will assist employees in being better prepared to respond to violence in the workplace.

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