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Services Overview

Admin's Construction Services team is focused on providing a high level of service through hands-on assistance, standard documentation, and common forms. Here's how our team can assist your state agency with its next state-managed construction project:

  • Pre-planning: We assist state agencies to identify the need, scope, cost and schedule for construction projects.
  • Project Team Communications:
    • We facilitate discussions with agency clients to reach consensus on overall project planning, programming, design, materials and systems, scheduling, budgeting, life-cycle cost analysis, and negotiations and coordination with consultants and contractors.
    • We coordinate the flow of information with team members to assure timely decision making and conflict resolution.
  • Consultants:
    • We identify and recommend professional and technical services as warranted for project delivery.
    • We maintain a list of firms qualified to provide a broad range of professional and technical services.
    • We assist in the preparation of Request for Proposals to obtain the services of Architectural and Engineering firms and other consultants to work with the State's project team.
    • We evaluate and select proposals offering the best value to the State.
    • We negotiate and execute contracts to the benefit of the agency and the State
  • Responsibility Matrix:
    • We identify key events and tasks occurring during design and construction phases and the relative responsibilities of the various members of the project team.
  • Schedule:
    • We advise the State's consultants and contractors of the requirements for performing their work within the framework of project schedules, monitor the progress of the work being performed and enforce the critical dates under contracts with the State.
  • Cost Management:
    • We establish and maintain a project financial status reporting system.
    • We obtain project cost estimates for all design phases.
    • We help identify and understand alternative courses of action to complete the project in the most economical manner possible including costs related to employees, efficiency, usable life, maintenance, energy, sustainability and operation.
    • We facilitate cost research and reviews necessary to clearly identify all the issues.
    • We require cost evaluations of alternative materials and systems
    • We review and approve all cost and program changes
  • Design:
    • We conduct a comprehensive review to ascertain the agency's requirements and arrive at a mutual understanding of such requirements with the agency client.
    • We review design documents with the agency client to assure the design documents meets their needs.
    • We review design documents during their development and advise on proposed site plans and improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment, and methods of project delivery.
    • We consider alternative designs or materials to identify possible economies.
  • Contracts:
    • We coordinate all activities, tasks, actions and deliverables required from consultants and contractors retained by the State.
    • We administer and manage the State's consultants and contractors in performing their work.
    • We identify courses of action when requirements of a contract are not fulfilled.
    • We measure and document consultant and contractors performance.
    • We provide a full range of accounting services including handling pre-encumbrance, encumbrance, payment and reporting.
  • Occupancy:
    • We assist in the preparation of proposals, solicitation of quotes, administration of contracts, and pre-moving conferences for moving activities.
  • Project Close-out:
    • We help identify and review the list of incomplete or defective work (punch list) prior to substantial completion.
    • We monitor to ensure punch list is remedied within 30 days from issuance of substantial completion.
    • In the event of remaining punch list items, we prepare an action plan to expedite final completion.
    • We conduct a meeting with client to review maintenance manuals, guarantees and warranties, close-out submittals, bonds and service contracts for materials and equipment.
    • We ensure that all warranties and guarantees are requested, obtained, and properly recorded.
    • We coordinate the training of state personnel with suppliers for operation and maintenance of the major building systems.
  • Hazardous Materials Removal:
    • We oversee the testing and removal of hazardous materials to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

For more information about construction services contact Gordon Christofferson at 651-201-2380 or via email.

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