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How to Engage a Vendor

The Office of State Procurement (OSP) created this program with flexibility in mind. To start, users should fill out an Engagement Request to summarize needs. OSP will ask questions and make recommendations for next steps based on the request. OSP will send the request on to vendors and vendors will respond with details and pricing information. For bigger, long-term or more expensive services, a mini-competition may be appropriate. For smaller needs that come up suddenly, directly selecting the vendor best able to provide the services may be appropriate.

Directions for State Agencies

  1. Fill out the Engagement Request and send to with “Engagement Request” in subject line.
  2. OSP will reach out in 1-2 days with follow-up questions and assign a P/T member to facilitate the request.
  3. Engagement request is finalized with selection method, time for vendor response, and necessary details.
  4. OSP/State agency will start drafting the work order contract.
  5. Vendors respond and State follows selection method.
  6. Selected vendor is notified.
  7. Work order contract is executed.
  8. Work begins.

State agencies may opt to have a question-and-answer session as part of their vendor selection process. When possible, competition is always the preferred method for vendor selection. For smaller engagements, state agencies can give as little as 48 hours for vendors to respond, and for larger engagement, OSP may recommend 1-2 weeks. State agencies should mark any engagement request that is urgent with the word “Rush” in the subject line.

Directions for CPV Members

CPV members may follow the process for state agencies. This process may be best if you are unsure of needs or if you want to compare vendors and their pricing. However, CPV members may select vendors in accordance with their own entity’s procurement rules. CPV members should complete an engagement request and it is highly recommended that they use the State’s work order contract. CPV members should report vendor usage to the State.

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