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Minnesota State Register

The Minnesota State Register is the official publication of the State of Minnesota’s Executive Branch of government, published weekly to fulfill the legislative mandate set forth in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 14, and Minnesota Rules, Chapter 1400. It contains:

  • Proposed Rules
  • Executive Orders of the Governor
  • Commissioners’ Orders
  • Contracts for Professional, Technical and Consulting Services
  • Adopted Rules
  • Exempt Rules
  • Appointments
  • Revenue Notices
  • State Grants and Loans
  • Expedited Rules
  • Proclamations
  • Official Notices
  • Non-State Public Bids, Contracts and Grants
  • Withdrawn Rules
  • Vetoed Rules

The most recent edition of the State Register is available below:

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State Register Archives

State Register Volume 43, Number 51
Monday 17 June 2019
Volume 43, Number 51
Pages 1403 - 1420
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