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Who is MNIT?

Minnesota IT Services, led by the state’s Chief Information Officer, is the Information Technology agency for Minnesota’s executive branch, providing enterprise and local IT services to over 70 agencies, boards and commissions. MNIT employs more than 2,000 people across 90 physical locations. Together, we build, maintain, and secure the State’s IT infrastructure, applications, projects and services. MNIT sets IT strategy, direction, policies and standards for enterprise IT leadership and planning. We also serve Minnesotans by connecting all 87 counties, 300 cities, and 200 public higher education campuses across the state on the MNET network. Through public-private partnerships, our team proactively protects the state’s information systems and the private data of 5.5 million Minnesotans.

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Our Mission

We partner with Minnesota state agencies to deliver technology solutions that transform how government provides services for the people of Minnesota.

Our Vision

Our vision articulates the aspirations of our organization in 2017.

Partners in Performance – We will become the true and trusted partners for all state agencies, using our knowledge to help further the work of government.

Diversify our Workforce – We will create a workforce that includes variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs that is representative of the face of Minnesota.

Moving Government Forward – We will partner with private industry to empower our workforce to provide the best market solutions in a blended service delivery model.


Our values represent how we work as individuals and with one another, reflecting our partnerships, our decisions and the way we approach everything we do. They embody who we are and what it means to be part of MNIT.

Partner – We work across our organization and with agencies to build partnerships that ensure success. Bringing together the business of state government and the complexity of technology, we provide solutions that benefit all Minnesotans.

Deliver – The pride we take in our work and the confidence we have in our expertise means we meet the promise of business value by delivering quality IT solutions on time and on budget.

Transform - We seek better ways to work. By combining the best of process and creativity, we continuously look for new ways to make government better.

Connect – We know our ultimate customer is an individual who needs our service to support themselves, their family and their work. We do not do IT for IT sake, rather we work for those who depend on state services in their daily lives.

Top Priorities

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Secure the State

As part of MNIT’s efforts to protect Minnesotans from cyber-threats and protect the State’s sensitive data assets, Commissioner Baden’s continuing top priority in 2017 is to implement MNIT’s five year strategic cybersecurity plan. The plan prioritizes initiatives for the management, control, and protection of assets.

Key projects and initiatives:

  • Implement Minnesota’s cybersecurity strategic plan

  • Implement cybersecurity score cards

  • Implement Minnesota’s cybersecurity policies and standards
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Create Possibilities

Minnesota IT Services will take a solutions based approach to every problem we solve with our partners. We will use MNIT’s unique enterprise perspective to showcase the art of what is possible when technology is harnessed to make government more accessible, more secure and a better experience for all Minnesotans.

Key projects and initiatives:

  • Implement MNIT’s governance structure

  • Execute top agency business priorities

  • Showcase the office of the future
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Finalize the Foundation

Using foundational IT best practices, MNIT will continue optimizing enterprise delivery by completing 100% of enterprise service delivery in Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, and Telephony, and hit major project milestones for Hosting, Service Desk, Workstation Management, and Mobile Device Management.

Key projects and initiatives:

  • IT Optimization Project (ITOP)

  • Operational Service Optimization (OSO)

  • Streamline intake and procurement processes

How MNIT Delivers Services

MNIT delivers IT Services through a hybrid model of service delivery. Services that are unique to a line of government business are delivered locally by MNIT’s Chief Business Technology Officers and their teams. These services include supporting agency-specific applications, and projects. These local services are a direct pass-through charge to the agencies.

Services that maximize efficiencies and reduce cost are delivered as Enterprise Services. Enterprise Services include tools like email, desktop support, and telephone services. MNIT charges enterprise rates for its Enterprise Services, and makes all IT-related expenditures on behalf of Minnesota’s executive branch agencies

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Service Distribution FY16

MNIT's Budget Overview

Quick Facts

  • In 2011, MNIT reorganized under the leadership of one State CIO

  • Working with the Department of Administration, Minnesota IT Services has strategically improved the state’s IT procurement practices, which have avoided costs of $15 million a year on average

  • Under the leadership of MNIT’s Executive Team and Technology Advisory Committee, MNIT developed a five-year cybersecurity plan with five core risk management strategies that will help protect the state from increasing cyber-attacks

  • In the past four years, Minnesota IT Services has consolidated 21 data centers and, in 2016 alone, completed 11 enterprise data center moves, securing our enterprise data center footprint

  • MNIT has migrated 35,000 end users to cloud email services
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