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Insurance Adjusters

Working with an Insurance Adjuster

An insurance adjuster, or claims adjuster, is the person who will determine whether and how much your insurance company should pay for your claim of damages. You should expect your insurer to have an adjuster inspect your home within a reasonable time.   

Ask your adjuster for:  

  • Proper identification 
  • A business card identifying their phone number, email and company address 
  • Information about what you are required to do next and what your insurer will do next.  
  • If you are expected to get estimates for repairs or if your insurer will do that for you.  
  • Estimated time for your insurer to settle and pay your claim.  
  • Additional living expenses covered by your insurance if you’re unable to stay in your home.  

Option to Hire a Public Adjuster 

You have the option to hire a public adjuster to help you document losses caused by a natural disaster and file an insurance claim.   This is an option, not a requirement, for you in getting your claim settled and paid by your insurance.   

Avoid scams related to public adjusters: See tips posted below. 

If you choose to hire a public adjuster, they can represent you to negotiate with your insurance company how much you will be paid on your insurance claim. Public adjusters are typically paid a percentage of you final insurance settlement.  

Before you hire a public adjuster 

  • Check that they are a licensed public adjuster and if they have any previous disciplinary action: 
  • Use Commerce’s License Lookup. Choose the “adjuster” option to get to our Sircon database link.  
  • Call the Consumer Services Center:  651-539-1600. 
  • Get multiple estimates with a written contract clearly identifying all fees. 
  • Decide if you think the assistance of an adjuster will help you recover enough to offset the fee. 

Avoiding scams and fraud 

Scammers will descend upon an area affected by natural disasters and knock on doors offering their services. In the chaos of a disaster, victims might be eager to get back to normal and rebuild and fall for scams or fraud  

Protect yourself  with a few steps to check on the companies you do business with: 

  • Check for the proper credentials: Use Commerce’s License Lookup   
  • Make sure you understand the terms of a contract before signing. 
  • Get everything in writing 
  • Get multiple estimates and compare the best option for you 
  • Do not pay until the work has been completed 
  • Pay by credit card or check, not cash 
  • Avoid adjusters who: 
    • Claim to be from a government agency 
    • Insist their services are mandatory for you to get insurance to pay your claim 
    • Use high pressure sales tactics to hire them 
    • Refuse to provide a written contract. 
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