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Fuel Cards

Admin provides Voyager fuel cards for use with leased state vehicles. If you experience any trouble using your WEX fuel card, contact WEX at 1-800-842-0071. This number is also located on the back of your Voyager fuel card.

Using your Fuel Card

  • Only fuel, oil (i.e. a quart of oil, NOT oil changes), washer fluid, wiper blades, and car washes should be charged on the fuel card.
  • Any preventive maintenance or repairs should NOT be charged. Call ARI at 1-800-227-2273 for approval prior to any preventive maintenance work being done. More information is available on the Vehicle Maintenance Page.
  • Odometer readings should be accurately entered while using the credit card (do not round up or down). 

Please see the full Department of Administration Fuel Card Policy for more information.

Replacing Your Fuel Card

  • If the fuel card provided with your Admin-leased vehicle has been lost, stolen or damaged, complete the Fuel Card Replacement Form.

Note: It may take up to 10 working days to receive a replacement card.

Personal Vehicle Expense Reimbursements

Fuel Expenses

  • For reimbursement of fuel purchases made on your personal credit card or by cash, submit as a Business Expense directly to your agency.

Note: Fuel reimbursement requests sent to FSS will be returned back to drivers.

Miscellaneous Vehicle Expenses

  • For reimbursement of Miscellaneous Vehicle Expenses, complete the Vehicle Expense Reimbursement Form.
    • Reimbursable expenses are: oil (i.e. a quart of oil, NOT oil changes), washer fluid, wiper blades, and car washes


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