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Workers' Compensation

The State Workers' Compensation Program covers approximately 54,000 employees of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government, along with employees of some quasi-state agencies such as the State Fair and the Minnesota Historical Society. The self-insured, self-administered program provides and coordinates claims management, disability management and managed health care for state workers who are injured on the job and offers workers' compensation legal services for state agencies. To report an injury, file a claim, seek care or find additional resources, use the links below.

Note: The forms, resources and instructions available on this website are for use by Minnesota state agencies documenting job-related illness and injuries sustained by state employees. All other Minnesota employers should refer to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and its workers' compensation forms when documenting employee illnesses or injuries.

E-Billing Information

Use the information on this page to submit workers' compensation claims for State of Minnesota employees.

Workers' Compensation Procedures

Use the information and forms on this page when preparing and filing information regarding workplace injuries, illnesses, or incidents.

iRISK Reporting

Instructions on how to report workplace injuries and other incidents using the internet-based iRISK Reporting System.

For Supervisors and Agency Coordinators

The Workers' Compensation Program provides many resources to assist agency Workers' Compensation Coordinators and supervisors with managing work-related injuries and illnesses.

CorVel Information

A certified managed health care plan is available for state employees who suffer work-related injuries and illnesses. Employees can find more information and locate a provider from this page.

Placement Services

Assist agencies in returning injured employees to their jobs or in locating different work for employees within the state system when injuries prevent a return to an existing job. 

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