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Safety and Loss Control Services

The following safety and loss control services are available to state agencies through Admin Risk Management. These services are funded through the administrative fees paid by each agency to the State Workers' Compensation Program. Agency specific laboratory testing and special equipment needs in conjunction with consulting services are the responsibility of each individual agency. Costs associated with laboratory services and special equipment can be estimated prior to sampling.

  • Worker Exposure Assessments - We are equipped to provide exposure assessments for a variety of air contaminants such as dusts, fumes, gases and vapors that may be encountered in the workplace. In addition to sampling for air contaminants, we can provide personal noise monitoring. Please contact us for more information regarding your specific needs.

  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations - We are available to conduct indoor air quality assessments in state owned or leased buildings. An indoor environmental quality survey may consist of visual observations of the space and air handling systems, conversations with affected employees and monitoring of general air quality parameters or specific substances based on the particular situation. Admin Risk Management is also available to provide moisture surveys including the use of infrared thermography for potential water intrusion and mold testing when needed.

  • Program Development and Implementation - We can assist agencies with the development and implementation of safety and loss control programs, such as AWAIR, Bloodborne Pathogen, Confined Space, Emergency Preparedness, Ergonomics, Hearing Conservation, Lockout Tagout, Personal Protective Equipment and Right to Know. In addition, we can assist in identifying the training requirements applicable to the various programs and other OSHA standards.

To request our services, please work with your agency's safety coordinator to contact us when possible. If you have other needs that are not identified above, please contact us for further information.

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