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Real Estate

Admin provides a broad range of pre-planning, acquisition, disposition, leasing, project management, relocation, and space management services to facilitate facility and real estate solutions that help Minnesota state agencies succeed.

Minnesota state agencies have extensive and diverse real estate needs. The State owns a total of 29 million square feet in more than 5,000 buildings. This real estate is managed by 20 custodial agencies, ranging from the Minnesota State Retirement System with one building containing 146,500 square feet, to the Department of Corrections with 283 buildings with more than 5,592,818 square feet, and the Department of Human Services with 192 buildings with more than 3,000,000 square feet. Additionally, Admin leases over 3.5 million square feet of space for state agencies with annual rent totaling more than $60 million.

The property types include office space, storage and warehouse space, workforce centers, residential facilities, hospitals, training centers, correctional facilities, environmental monitoring sites, boat slips, laboratories, driver vehicle exam stations, communication facilities, probation offices, and licensing centers.

2023 Land Inventory Report

2021 Land Inventory Report


Admin provides comprehensive leasing services to state agencies seeking State-owned and non State-owned real estate for lease.

Space Management

We can help you with space utilization, supporting prudent facility planning decisions and ensuring the most cost-effective use of space.

Sales and Acquisitions

Have real estate that is no longer needed for your operations? We can develop a strategic plan for its sale and maximize return to the state.

Manuals, Guidelines and Forms

A comprehensive listing of manuals, guidelines, forms and other resources related to state real estate, property and space.

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