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Master Contract for Construction Auditing Services

Construction Auditing Services Master Contract Program

Program Information

The State of Minnesota through the Department of Administration’s Real Estate and Construction Services are seeking firms for the Master Contract program to provide Construction Auditing services. Construction auditing services including but not limited to auditing of construction costs for work done under the Construction Manager at Risk project delivery method. Some may be for Design/Build or Design/Bid/Build. Most will involve projects of significant size and complexity; however, these services could be used, as needed, for such services as auditing of complex Contract Amendments, review of construction proposals, and assistance in development of construction RFPs.


RECS intends to enter into a Professional and Technical Services Master Contract with qualified Responders.

A Master Contract is a contract that spells out most, but not all of the terms between the signing parties. Its purpose is to speed up and simplify future Work Order Contracts. A Master Contract with the State is not a guarantee of receiving work issued in a Work Order Contract. A complete detailed description of required work will be furnished in each Work Order Contract issued under Master Contracts resulting from this RFP.

Work Order Contracts will be issued for individual construction auditing services projects. Dependent upon the expected fee for the project, proposals may need to be solicited from multiple firms having a Master Contract for construction auditing services.

Continuously Open RFP

The Master Contract for Construction Auditing Services program RFP will be available online throughout the five (5) year Master Contract period (October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2028). Responses will only be accepted until May 31, 2028. Responses should only be sent via email to the email address listed in #4 below under “RFP for Construction Auditing Services Master Contracts.” Responses that meet the pass/fail qualifications will be awarded a Master Contract.
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