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Diverse Spend


In 2017, the Commissioner of Administration established the first-ever enterprise goal for direct (8%) and indirect (12%) state spend with targeted group vendors. In 2018, the Commissioner of Administration again increased those goals.

Direct Spend Goal 10%
Overall Diverse Spend 15%

Direct Spend to Certified Businesses

Payments made directly to vendors certified as Targeted Group, Economically Disadvantaged, or Veteran-Owned in the Minnesota Small Business Procurement Program.

Overall Diverse Spend

Payments made directly or indirectly (through a prime contractor) to Woman-Owned or Minority-Owned business regardless of business size or certification.

In 2018, Admin launched a new system to track and report on targeted group spending at the subcontractor level. Admin is currently requesting vendors that are on state contracts with a value of over 500 million to report payments made to subcontractors.

Diverse Spend Reporting Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

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