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If you need to report a mission-critical service outage, do not have a local help desk, or are using assistive technology, call the MNIT service desk at call 651-297-1111 or toll-free: 888-717-6638

How to use the Enterprise Service Desk (MNIT Mall)

Our enterprise service desk (MNIT) provides 24/7 online support for these authorized customer groups:

  • MNIT Employees, CBTOs, and Staff at agency-based offices
  • IT Administrators who provide local support for a service hosted by MNIT
  • Executive Leadership at customer organizations
  • IT Directors and Purchasing Managers
  • Telecom Coordinators

If you are a new user and are prompted for a user ID and password,  you will need to contact your local help desk for assistance. For additional information on how to submit a request online view the information below or download this quick guide.

Submit a Request, Report an Issue or Order a Service

  1. Once you are in the enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall), choose the option that best fits your request by either:
    1. Selecting your request from all of the available options in left hand navigation
    2. Selecting the subcategories tab to view the available requests as categories
    3. Searching for your request via the search box at the top of the page

  2. The requests available are dependent on your position and work location. Here are some common examples of requests:
    1. I Need Access
    2. Billing Support
    3. Computer Support
    4. Conferencing Support

  3. Select “Choose a Request”  
    1. If you do not find a request that meets your needs, contact your local help desk for assistance.

  4. Select "Request Now"

  5. After making your selection, you will be presented with additional questions that will assist support staff with troubleshooting and fulfilling your request. Please be as detailed as possible as this will help expedite your request.

  6. When finished, select "Submit".
    1. Once you submit your request, you will receive an email confirming that your request has been submitted. Support staff will work with you to ensure your request is fulfilled or issue is resolved.

Check the Status of Your Request

Locate "My Requests" to the right of your screen. Here you will find the request(s) that you have submitted. As support staff work on your request, the status will change from Submitted to InitiatedIn ProgressCompletedResolved, or Closed.

If you have previously submitted a request and need to submit it again, select the "Request Again".

Communicate with Support Staff

  • Through the enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall)
    • You can communicate with support staff through the enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall) by adding a note to your request
      • Select your request
      • Under the "Details" tab, write your message in the in the text field at the bottom of the "Activity Log"
      • Select the “Green Plus Button" to the right of the text field to submit your message. 

    • You can attach a file (e.g.: screenshot, document, etc.) to your note by:
      • Selecting the "Paperclip" icon at bottom of the "Activity Log"
      • Locate the file
      • Select “Open

  • By Email
    • Another way to communicate with service desk staff is by replying to the submission confirmation email that you receive.
      • Select “Reply
      • Do not change the subject line
      • Add your message
      • Select “Send

  • By Phone
    • You can contact your local help desk by phone to inquire about or update a request. When contacting support staff, please provide them with the request number to help identify your request.
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