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If you need to report a mission-critical service outage, do not have a local help desk, or are using assistive technology, call the MNIT Service Desk at 651-297-1111 or toll-free at 888-717-6638.

Contact Your Local Help Desk

Local help desks are available for employees at executive branch agencies, boards, councils, or commissions that do not have access to the enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall). If you do not have access to the enterprise service desk, contact your local help desk from the table below to:

  • Report IT issues
  • Request changes
  • Order or change services
  • Reset password(s)
  • Request access to the enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall)

SWIFT Help Desk

Phone: 651-201-8100, option 2

Help Desk Location Phone Number
Admin (excluding FMR) 651-297-1111
Admin: FMR 651-556-3333
Agriculture,  Department of (MDA) 651-297-1111
Animal Health (BAH) 651-297-1111
Attorney General (AG) 651-757-1300
City of St. Paul 651-266-6767
Commerce,  Department of 651-539-1680
Corrections (DOC) 651-297-1111
Courts 651-291-5334
Education, Department of (MDE) 651-582-8481
Employment & Economic Development, Department of  (DEED) 651-297-1111
Explore Minnesota Tourism 651-297-1111
Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities 651-297-1111
Governor's Office 651-297-1111
Health, Department of (MDH) 651-201-5555
Health Licensing Boards 651-297-1111
Higher Education, Office of (OHE) 651-259-3940
Human Rights, Department of (MDHR) 651-297-1111
Human Services, Department of (DHS) 651-297-1111
Labor and Industry, Department of (DLI) 651-297-1111
MBCC: Administrative Hearings, Office of (OAH) 651-297-1111
MBCC: Arts Board (MSAB) 651-297-1111
MBCC: Asian-Pacific Minnesotans Council 651-297-1111
MBCC: Capitol Area Architectural & Planning Board 651-297-1111
MBCC: Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage 651-297-1111
MBCC: Gambling Control Board (GCB) 651-297-1111
MBCC: Indian Affairs Council 651-297-1111
MBCC: Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs (MCLA) 651-297-1111
MBCC: Ombudsperson for Families 651-297-1111
MBCC: Ombudsperson for Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities 651-297-1111
MBCC: Racing Commission (MRC) 651-297-1111
MBCC: Sentencing Guidelines Commission 651-297-1111
MBCC: Tax Court 651-297-1111
MBCC: Workers Compensation Court of Appeals 651-297-1111
Mediation Services, Bureau of (BMS) 651-297-1111
Military Affairs,  Department of (MILAF) 651-282-4449
Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) 651-297-1111
MnGeospatial (GIS) 651-297-1111
Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) 651-297-1111
Minnesota State (minnstate) 651-649-5982
MNsure 651-297-1111
Natural Resources,  Department of (DNR) 651-259-5900
Pollution Control Agency (PCA) 651-297-1111
Public Safety  (DPS) - excluding BCA 651-297-1111
Public Safety  (DPS) - BCA 651-793-2500
Revenue,  Department of (DOR) 651-556-3333
Secretary of State (SOS) 651-297-4848
SWIFT Help Desk 651-201-8100, option 2
Transportation,  Department of  (DOT) 651-355-0200
Veterans Affairs,  Department of  (MDVA) 651-297-1111
Water & Soil Resources, Board of (BWSR) 651-297-1111
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