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Minnesota IT Services provides a variety of products and resources to Minnesota’s executive and non-executive branch agencies. Agencies are billed monthly for the services received. 

Agency Customers are Billed for:

  • Voice Services
  • WAN Services
  • Computing Services

Executive Branch Agencies are also Billed for:

  • At Agency Non-payroll
  • At Agency Payroll pass-through charges

Invoices & Billing Reports

  • Voice, WAN and Computing Services customers receive four reports:
    • Invoice – shows total monthly charges
    • Statement – shows monthly charges, outstanding balance and credits
    • Monthly Summary Reports – summarizes services used during the billing period
    • Detail Excel File – includes user level usage data used to verify billing accuracy.
  • CBTOs receive two reports for at agency payroll and non-payroll charges
    • Invoice – shows current monthly charges
    • Detail Excel File – shows SWIFT expenditure data posted during the billing period

Customer Numbers

Large agencies may need to charge internal customers for services used on monthly basis. Agencies can split service among internal customers using “customer numbers”.

Effective management of “customer numbers” requires that agencies:

  • Define internal business units with specific customer numbers
  • Ensure management approval for customer number change requests.
  • Periodically review, validate and update “customer numbers” to ensure accurate billing.

To add, delete or change “customer numbers” Access the "Billing Support" option within the online enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall) and use the option to place your request.

 Have questions about management of customer numbers?

Access Your Invoices

Voice, WAN and Computing invoices

  • Access to Voice, WAN and Computing Services invoices is given to the approved agency representatives. You can request access through section Billing Support within the online enterprise service desk (MNIT Mall).
  • Access your agency’s Voice, WAN and Computing Services billing information through COSWeb

At Agency (pass-through) invoices

  • MNIT delivers invoices for At Agency (pass-through charges) to agency CBTOs. To access At Agency invoices please contact your CBTO.

Invoice Corrections, Adjustments & Questions

To request a correction or modification to your invoice please use the Billing Support Request form via the Enterprise Service Desk (MNIT Mall). 

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