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IT Services and Support for MNIT Customers

To report mission-critical service outages, call 651-297-1111 or toll-free: 888-717-6638
Telework resources for executive branch employees
Find resources if you are working remotely, including instructions for using Microsoft MFA and VPN. 

MNIT Enterprise Service Desk 

Minnesota IT Services provides 24 x 7 support for executive branch and non-executive branch customers who use MNIT's products and services. 

How to get help from the MNIT Enterprise Service Desk

  • Online: The Minnesota Service Hub is the best way to get IT support and services for Minnesota state government. Authorized users can get help with their computer or devices, report technical issues, order or change services, and more.
  • By phone: Call the MNIT Enterprise Service Desk to report a mission critical outage or if you have an urgent service need. 651-297-1111.

Note about identity verification

  • If you call to reset a password or unlock your computer, MNIT uses an identity verification service   to make sure that you, and only you, are the person asking for access. 
  • The tool asks you for personally identifiable information that proves your identity. This is a critical security step to avoid identity theft by phone call, a common way cyber criminals infiltrate secure systems. Many banks, credit card companies and other service providers use this same technique.
  • Your information is kept private: 
    • Neither MNIT nor the vendor has access to your personally identifiable information at any time.
    • The MNIT service desk technician cannot see the questions you’re asked nor your responses.
    • Your information is used only for the duration of the verification process, then it is deleted.

Other state government help desks

Contact the Service Desk

MN Service Hub

Use this tool if you have access to the Minnesota Service Hub.

Visit the MN Service Hub


Use this tool if you do NOT have access to the Minnesota Service Hub.

Visit the MNIT Mall

Local Help Desk

Contact your local help desk if you use a local system, phone or email to get help.

Call your local help desk

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