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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Mark Your Calendars for May 17th!

5/17/2018 4:47:05 PM

May 17th, 2018 is a great day for celebrating achievements, educating people, and having conversations about what needs to happen next in the world of digital accessibility. Why? It is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The Office of Accessibility will be sponsoring and coordinating events for state employees, but this day is not just for state employees. It is for anyone who writes emails, creates documents, codes webpages, purchases software, posts on Facebook…


The world increasingly depends on technology to communicate and do business. We can all participate, including individuals with disabilities, when digital technology is accessible. The goal of GAAD is to increase the number of people that understand the basics of accessibility and why it matters.

How can I get involved?


  • Do something small: can you add an accessibility trivia question to a meeting agenda?
  • Follow along on social media: #GAAD is the search term used on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. The Minnesota IT Services Twitter account and Facebook page will feature accessibility tips, resources and more.
  • Share with friends: our /mnit/programs/accessibility/index.jspaccessibility quick cards are accessible PDFs that can be emailed or printed.
  • Attend an event: the Global Accessibility Awareness Day site has an event page which lists many events, including some in Minnesota.
  • Host your own event: a table with information, a presentation or a training.
  • Are you a state employee? If so, check your agency's intranet page for more information, and reach out to your accessibility coordinator if you would like to help.

We will be on the lookout for #GAAD #Minnesota shares on social media. Spread the word!


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