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A letter from Minnesota IT Services' Director of Recruitment, Jim Kellison.

7/31/2017 6:00:00 AM

A man and woman working on a server.

Minnesota IT Services' Director of Recruitment, Jim Kellison

It is no understatement to say that the IT professional who gets excellent training and who stays current in the constantly changing world of technology will never lack for work. The world will never return to carbon paper and index cards to track, sort and store its information. A skilled and current IT professional will be as much a fact of life in the future as is a nurse or a police officer. In fact, even nurses and police officers now need a significant amount of training on the technology tools they use every day. Your IT skills are certain to provide you with a lifetime career. 

A career in information technology is a dynamic one. This industry is one of the fastest changing occupational fields out there, with constant demand for professionals who are eager to take on new challenges. If you’re looking for a pathway to opportunity, the IT profession is calling!

In my role at Minnesota IT Services, I work to connect talented tech-oriented individuals with jobs that utilize their expertise. Minnesota IT Services actively looks for people who value service to their fellow Minnesotans, who know that the team can get more done than the individual, and whose IT skills are up to date and well-grounded in how information and systems interact at a high level – a problem solver, no matter the problem. 

The IT work we do encompasses a variety of systems, applications, networks and databases. There are no limits to the number of skills and tools we need to serve and protect the information of 5.5 million Minnesotans. We have job openings in IT security, software engineering, cloud application hosting, GIS professionals, database professionals, helpdesk and support professionals, and scores of other specializations. 

When people ask me why they should consider working at Minnesota IT Services, I usually tell them that they will never have the opportunity to work on larger systems with more impact on more people in their careers. We serve Minnesotans all over the state to make sure that teachers get their paychecks, that troopers and other law enforcement officers have constant communications with each other, that prisons are securely provided with accurate information and that those Minnesotans who need assistance are receiving it on time and with fairness. Additionally, Minnesota IT Services offers: 

  • Fantastic retirement benefits 
  • Strong healthcare benefits 
  • Opportunities for continued learning and career development/promotions 
  • A work/life balance that is hard to find anywhere else 
  • Opportunities to work in a variety of technical environments 

Interested? If you’ve been reading this and nodding your head, piecing together the different ways you might be able to grow in your career with us, please reach out! Connect with Minnesota IT Services on:

Connect with us:

And, don't forget to /mnit/careers/index.jspview our current job openings


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