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State Government at the Speed of Business

1/27/2017 4:12:24 PM

A server room with an open laptop showing statistics.

On Tuesday January 24, 2017, Governor Mark Dayton announced his commitment to securing, enhancing, and modernizing Minnesota’s technology so state government runs at the speed of business. In the announcement, the Governor proposed an investment of $125 million for enhancements to ensure that the state has a 21st Century Digital Infrastructure, and Strong Cybersecurity Defenses.

With a $51 million investment for 21st Century Digital Infrastructure, Minnesota IT Services would be able to upgrade some of the state’s older systems, many of which are security liabilities. This investment would help guarantee a fast and secure way for Minnesotans to interact with the state.

“Secure the State” is Minnesota IT Services top priority. This budget request is part of a $74 million investment for Strong Cybersecurity Defenses to reform our information technology infrastructure ensures we have up-to-date, safe, and secure systems for Minnesotans to interact with state government. On average, state systems are probed for vulnerabilities more than three million times per day. Fortunately, Minnesota has not yet experienced a major attack that has exposed Minnesotans private data; however, Minnesota has experienced incidents that have exposed state systems and data to significant risk.

Learn more about Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal for Cybersecurity Reforms, and Minnesota IT Services dedication to Securing the state.




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