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No Mouse Challenge

If your computer mouse suddenly stopped functioning, would you be able to continue working? What if you had a deadline and couldn’t wait for a replacement? For some, using a mouse is not an option. This may drastically limit their ability to use a website, web application, or even navigate operating systems.

Have you ever counted the number of times you “click” your mouse button in a minute?

You’ve probably been stuck on a site or app that wouldn’t accept your commands. This frustration is often a daily experience for keyboard-only users. Perhaps a popup window won’t close without a mouse click. Or a form field is skipped by the tab sequence. These situations are tough to navigate without a mouse, which can jeopardize the ability to perform tasks effectively.

Take the Challenge

We encourage you to spend at least 15 minutes doing your job without using your mouse by taking the No Mouse Challenge. We understand that this will be challenging, so we’re providing some hints in the form of handy keyboard shortcuts.

Looking for keyboard shortcuts? We've created a keyboard shortcuts quick card for easy reference.

Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Card (PDF)

Take what you’ve learned to the next level! Help make a difference by remembering these simple guidelines:

  • Make sure all your documents are formatted for accessibility.
  • When writing requirements, include accessibility for all deliverables, from interface to training materials.
  • Include keyboard shortcuts in your instructions.
  • Require vendors to incorporate accessibility in their deliverables.
  • Talk about accessibility with your co-workers.

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