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Accessible Electronic Documents

Document accessibility applies to all documents, whether they are posted to a website, a file sharing application, or distributed through email. In general, accessible documents have structural formatting in the form of headings, tables, and lists that allow users to navigate the document. They use descriptive text that describe photos, charts, and graphs to users. When your documents are accessible, everyone can access them, regardless of physical abilities.

In this section you will learn how to make accessible documents using Microsoft and Adobe products. All the document type references in this section can be made accessible when they are used for their intended purpose. Remember to always use:

  • Microsoft Word as a word processing tool
  • Microsoft PowerPoint as a presentation tool
  • Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet tool

Looking for tips on how to make your documents and social media accessible? We've created accessibility quick cards for easy reference when you are creating your content.

Complete Quick Card Set (PDF)

Learn About Accessible Documents


Learn how to use the features in Microsoft Word to create accessible documents.


Learn how to make your PDF documents accessible using Acrobat’s built-in features.


Learn how to design your documents with accessibility in mind using Adobe InDesign.


Learn how to make your presentations accessible with Microsoft PowerPoint.


Learn how to make your spreadsheets and charts accessible in Microsoft Excel.

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