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Step right up, get current on the world of LED lighting at the Minnesota State Fair

8/24/2017 2:40:40 PM

If you’re still confused by all the lighting choices, step right up to the New World of LED Lighting display at the Minnesota State Fair, and be confused no more.

The educational display, part of the Minnesota Commerce Department's Home Energy Exhibit located at the Eco Experience building on the north end of the fairgrounds, was created to show how light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can meet your home lighting needs. 

The display will feature the many varieties of high-efficiency LED lighting now available, ranging from standard screw-in bulbs to bulb-less LED fixtures.

Why go with LEDs? Because they:

  • Illuminate to full brightness instantly
  • Have come down in cost a lot in recent years and are affordable
  • Last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 10 times longer than CFLs
  • Perform well in cold temperatures

The State Fair display can help you decipher two key qualities of LEDs: brightness (measured in lumens) and color (or temperature, measured in Kelvin). It can also help you compare bulbs by using the Lighting Facts label on new bulb packaging. 

You can also get an updated Right Light Guide to compare the brightness, color, and cost of LEDs with incandescent and CFL lighting. And learn about the new Right Light App to help you choose the best LED lighting for your needs. Both are provided by the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs).

CERTs and the Minnesota Department of Commerce are the main exhibitors of the LED display, with partners Muska Lighting and Kuzco Lighting providing samples of LED lighting.

The LED display is one of several interactive features in the Home Energy Exhibit, including a Home Energy Efficiency area, a Renewable Energy section, an Electric Vehicles showcase, a Smart Home display, and much more.

Learn more about the State Fair Home Energy Exhibit at the Commerce Department website. 

Minnesota Energy Tips is provided twice a month by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources. Contact the Commerce Department's Energy Information Center at or 800-657-3710 with energy questions.



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