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Insurer Licensing & Application Process

Minnesota law and rules spell out the insurer licensing requirements for each particular product and insurance entity.

The information below and forms (available by clicking on the link for your license type below) are what you need to begin the initial step in the licensing process. Additional information may be requested as we progress through the review process.

Applications are tailored for the various types of entities, although they all incorporate common elements related to finances and management.

  • Each application includes a checklist. The checklist should be completed and all items on the checklist should be addressed.
  • Items not applicable to your situation must be clearly identified and an explanation provided.
  • Our analysts will not begin their review until the application is complete.
  • Complete applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Applications received after October 1 may not be reviewed in the current year.
  • All applications must contain the NAIC annual statement as of the year-end preceding the date of submission.

Insurers seeking a Minnesota Certificate of Authority or filing a corporate amendment application must use NAIC's Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA). In addition, please note the Minnesota specific requirements in the list below. The majority of the application may be submitted in hard copy or electronically, however, items requiring original certifications and state specific items must be submitted in hard copy.

Seasoning requirements for a foreign insurer to apply for a Minnesota Certificate of Authority can be found in the UCAA Expansion Application under State Charts.

  • Company Mergers and Agent Appointments 
    • For insurance agents appointed with a merged company to be appointed with the surviving company on the date of merger, insurers need to contact Sircon at or 517-381-3870 to accomplish the transfer. If arrangements to transfer the merged company's agents to the surviving company are not made with Sircon, these individuals cannot sell for the surviving insurer until appointed with the surviving company on an individual basis as a regular appointment.
    • After the transfer of agents is made with Sircon, the surviving company must notify the Department of Commerce. We will take the final step of insuring that the non-surviving company is deactivated.

All items on the application checklist should be provided. Items not applicable to your situation must be clearly explained. Submit only complete applications. Incomplete applications will be immediately returned.

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