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Weatherization Assistance Providers

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is federally funded through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

WAP enables income-qualified households to permanently reduce their energy bills by helping to make their homes more energy efficient while protecting the health and safety of family members. In Minnesota, WAP services are delivered by 24 Service Providers across the state (map).

Program Update

Minnesota’s PY17 DOE State Plan has been approved.

Training & Technical Assistance

The Commerce Energy Division offers Training and Technical Assistance to service providers in the form of trainings, presentations, and other resources to improve program delivery. 

For training questions or to request technical assistance, email


Refer to sections 4 and 5 of the WAP Policy Manual for a list of required forms for audit and standalone events.

Audit Data Collection (.pdf)
Documents energy audit collection. (Optional)

Blower Door and Pressures (.pdf)
Documents blower door and house pressure testing.

Client Preparation (.pdf) 
Records activities to be completed by clients prior to weatherization work and recommendations to increase client energy savings.

Client Refusal (.pdf) 
Tracks any weatherization work refused by client.

Complaint Description (.pdf) 
Documents any client complaints regarding weatherization services. (Optional)

Deferral (.pdf)
Documents specific conditions that must be met for a home to become eligible for weatherization services.

Disposition/Transfer Request (.doc)
Documents disposal of equipment purchased with WAP funds. (Disposition policy is detailed in WAP Policy Manual section 7.12) 

Final Inspection (.pdf) 
Details the final inspection of an audit event. By signing, client acknowledges weatherization measures were performed.

Fuel Switch Request Form – Client Authorization (.pdf)
Documents client request for fuel switch and whether the request is approved by Commerce

Fuel Switch Request Summary (.pdf)
Documents fuel switch request information

Fuel Switch Request – Electric to Fossil Fuel (.pdf)
Documents the efficiency conversion from electric to fossil fuel. This form is used with the Fuel Switch Request Summary and Request Forms.

Lead Safe Renovation Record-keeping (.pdf)
Documents lead safe practices (when applicable).

Lead Test Kit Documentation (.pdf)
Details information about the resident and the site to undergo lead safe renovation.

Manufactured Housing Added R-value Disclosure (.pdf)

Mechanical Testing - Contractors (.pdf) 
Documents mechanical systems testing performed by contractors.

Mechanical Testing – Inspectors (.pdf)
Documents mechanical systems testing performed by inspectors.

Out-of-State Travel (.docx)
Documents requests for out-of-state travel to a conference or training event. (The out of state travel policy is detailed in WAP Policy Manual section 6.9.2).

Purchase Request Form (.pdf)
Documents requests for vehicle and equipment purchases over $5,000. (Vehicle and Equipment Purchase policy is detailed in WAP Policy Manual section 7.11) 

Quality Control Inspection (.pdf) (.pdf)
Documents data collection and procedures necessary as part of a Quality Control Inspection.

Renovate Right Signature (.pdf)
Documents homeowner having received a copy of the lead hazard information pamphlet.

Safety Assessment (.pdf) 
Documents any safety hazards found in the home by the service provider.

Safety Assessment - Mold and Moisture (.pdf)
Documents any mold and moisture issues found in the home by the service provider (Used when mold and moisture issues are documented on the Safety Assessment Form).

Scope of Work Change Order (.pdf)
Complete this form if there is a change in scope of work.

Service Agreement-Audit Event (.pdf)
Records the agreement between the client and service provider on weatherization measures to be completed.

Service Agreement & Completion Certificate – Standalone Event (.pdf)
Records the agreement between the client and Service Provider on standalone measures to be completed, includes a completion certificate section

Wall Insulation Preparation (.pdf)
Description of the process a crew will go through for wall insulation preparation.

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